Cultivating People's Discovery

of Jesus and Life in Him.​

Cultivating People

We are committed to the long term process of people’s growth and spiritual development in the Salt Lake valley.  As a farmer tends to the soil before planting the seed by removing rocks and softening hard dirt, he also improves the soil’s potential for harvest with careful attention.  By pursuing genuine relationships and giving careful attention to each individual we desire to remove barriers and foster readiness for the gospel to take root and for each person to continue to grow and develop in Jesus.

Discovering Jesus

We desire to be used by God as He makes Himself known to people. We believe that people know God as He reveals himself to them, and we desire to be part of His drawing people to Himself. Whether for the first time or in a new way, we want people in the Salt Lake valley to discover Jesus more and more. We strive to create safe environments for people to search out answers concerning who Jesus is and how to relate with Him.

Life in Him​

Living in a city that is known for happy families, clean and safe streets, and weekends full of enjoying the outdoors is a great blessing, and we want people to know the real source of these blessings. We want people to experience the amazing joy and life that is in Jesus. As we cultivate relationships with people and discover together who Jesus is, we desire everyone to experience deep and unshakeable life in following Him.


Empowered in God

We receive confidence in the Father’s direction, freedom in the Son’s accomplishment, and boldness in the Holy Spirit’s filling. Everything we “do” as a church flows from this confidence, freedom, and boldness that we have received from God.

Unified in Mission

We believe that unity is different than uniformity. Our shared mission is what unifies us and draws us together by celebrating all of the diverse ways in which our mission is expressed.

Participation of All

We believe that God builds up His church by the involvement of each person in the lives of others. We realize that this may be uncomfortable for some, but we respect and value each person so greatly that we would say we “need” each other.

Considerate of All

Since we’ve experienced God’s movement towards us we seek to actively move towards others in relationship. We take the initiative in meeting people where they are; speaking in ways they will understand; respecting and honoring their feelings, thoughts, opinions, and experiences.


Greg & Becca Arender

Greg and Becca have enjoyed 8 years of marriage and are grateful for their two sons, Judah and Micah. They are both passionate about knowing and following hard after Jesus in response to His perfect pursuit of each of them. They both love cultivating relationships with people through conversations and experiences and find great joy in growing with others by discovering the greatness of who God is. They love to be adventurous outdoors through camping, hiking, rock climbing and mountain biking, and try to embrace an overall healthy lifestyle. Greg is originally from northern California and Becca is a native Texan. They met as high school seniors in Denton, TX, and after dating for 4 years, got married in 2008.  Over the past three years, Greg has completed his masters from Southwestern Seminary as well as his church planting residency at their sending church in The Woodlands, TX.  They first visited Salt Lake City before the birth of their first son and immediately dreamed of living in the area, so it’s no surprise that they find themselves here five years later.