We want to live out our mission of “cultivating people’s discovery of Jesus and life in Him” within three distinct environments: The Gathering, Villages, and Groups. Each one of these environments has a unique purpose, yet they are all equally important  and a necessary part of fulfilling our overall mission.


Our Gathering Focuses on: Proclamation

This is the environment in which we proclaim our mission as all our villages join together. We proclaim stories of what God is doing within and through our villages, we proclaim our response to God through singing and prayer, we proclaim God’s words in the Bible through preaching, and we proclaim what we believe through creeds.


Our Villages Focus on: Practicing

This is the environment in which we practice our mission as 20-40 people join together as extended family within a specific area of our city. We practice being family by sharing our lives with one another, we practice openness by creating a space for casual relationships, we practice extending ourselves by cultivating a specific area of our city, and we practice spiritual growth by developing people’s spiritual gifts and lives.


Our Groups Focus on: Personalizing

This is the environment in which we personalize our mission as 2-8 individuals meet together. This personalization happens as each individual shares openly and each person is encouraged and challenged. This environment encourages personal growth and spiritual development through three types of groups.

  • A Discovery Group focuses on exploring the foundations of Christianity as well as introducing people to the framework of Wasatch Church.
  • A Base Group focuses on one-anothering: allowing gospel truths to guide a time of encouragement, confession, strengthening, accountability, and prayer.
  • A Summit Group focuses on leadership development and is marked by high levels of relationship, challenge, care, and commitment.